Work Ethics & Principles

We follow the following principles in our work:

  1. Confidentiality: Our work respects confidentiality in its various forms.
  2. Individual work: What we do remains between us and our clients and forms part of our therapy contract.
  3. Group work: For workshops and retreats, we ask participants to respect their boundaries, take care of themselves and others by holding the container and share to the extent of their comfort.
  4. Organisational work: We undertake dual agreement – one, between the organisation and us, and the other between participants and us. Specific exclusions apply.
  5. Learning: We learn constantly and for this, we undertake supervision for the work we do from experienced therapists and faculty. We also have on board a team of qualified mentors who guide us in the journey.
  6. Somatic-Psycho-Spiritual approaches: In our view, we are ‘somatic-psycho-spiritual’ beings. We exist at all levels: our physical bodies, our mental faculties and psyche, as well as our spirit. We believe psychology to be true to both the psyche (Gk. ‘spirit’) and logos (Gk. ‘reason’). While we train in many modalities and methods, our work is focused on working with the wholeness of human experience viz. the body, the psyche and the spirit.