Psychological support in pandemic

Given the current grip of the Corona virus on our collective stage, we would like to contribute our services to honour our shared humanity.

We hope that these online spaces will enable people access their inner resources and coping skills to better face the ongoing challenges of this difficult situation.

We are offering the following services gratis till end April 2020 for the following people.

1. Psychological support for healthcare providers involved in relief efforts, their families, and care-givers of people impacted directly and grappling with the consequences

Participants can use the individual one-on-one confidential sessions to work out their own conflicts, dilemmas, stresses, anxieties and fears. We also offer healing work with traumatic experiences.

Healthcare providers (medical / nursing staff)

– 4 online individual sessions, spaced once / twice a week (as sought)

– session duration: 40 minutes

Families of either healthcare providers, or care-givers of people impacted directly

– 2 online sessions, spaced a week apart

– individual or joint session (max. 2 people in a session)

– session duration: 50 minutes

* Please note that these sessions are meant to provide interim psychological support and are not intended to replace regular therapy, or initiate one.


Please connect with us, or spread the word:

Divya Sankaran (she / her / hers): +919321319630 (WhatsApp / Telegram) – calls with appointment,

Ashish Pant (he / him / his): +917021728560 (WhatsApp / Telegram) – calls with appointment,

2. Connecting Digitally in times of Social Distancing 

In order to connect with our shared humanity and provide mutual support, we will hold space every week for an hour at the designated time(s) until end of April 2020. We aim to co-share moments of silence, sharing and reflection in these sessions to help navigate the enforced social distancing.

Sessions will be held every Saturday at 17:30 hrs. IST (UCT +05:30) i.e., 12:00 hrs. UCT.

Working Note(s):

– all sessions are free of charge

– please connect directly at the time indicated (muting yourself)

– worldwide participation is welcome

– session language will be English

– the online sessions can accommodate upto 100 participants (on first come basis)

– active internet connection with audio-video capability enabled is a pre-requisite

– participants are requested to follow rules of general conduct; we retain the administrative privilege of temporarily or permanently muting, banning, expelling group members for uncalled for behaviour, as we deem appropriate, without assigning any reason whatsoever.


Session Date(s): 

March 2020: 21st & 28th

April 2020: 4th, 11th, 18th & 25th

Session Time:

17:30 hrs. IST (UCT +05:30) i.e., 12:00 hrs. Universal Coordinated Time (UCT).

Online at:

Disclosure(s) & Disclaimer(s)

– we are psychotherapists-in-training and as part of our studies, we undertake supervision for our work
– we follow a psycho-somatic-spiritual orientation and our work is informed by principles of Process Oriented Psychology (Processwork – Dr. Arnold Mindell), Somatic Experiencing (Dr. Peter Levine) and Jungian psychology (Dr. Carl Gustav Jung)
– neither the individual nor the group sessions substitute regular therapy and informed medical care; nor should they be used to initiate a long-term therapeutic relationship
– by connecting with us and engaging with us, you automatically provide us with your informed consent and are bound by the tenets of therapy agreement, session guidelines, as detailed elsewhere on our website:
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