Genesis of our Logo

Our logo, like our work, has its roots in our dreaming process. With our conscious effort and inner work, we are happy to bring this endeavour out in the world.

The logo emphasises our fundamental belief which informs our approach to life and work viz. life emerges at the intersection of our conscious willful efforts and the Other – something larger than us that makes its presence in our field of awareness. Ancient wisdom traditions and modern psychologies speak of this other as our core – the SELF – which propels us to grow.

Volitional Efforts ∞ Divine Grace

Our Logo

Our logo represents the essence of our work.

The interwoven elements tell the story about the multitude of pathways to our SELF.

The outer circle represents the circle of life – ever eternal and ever moving.

The four colours (Black, White, Yellow, Red) are the four stages of inner development, as per medieval alchemists. The double circle thus formed speaks about the necessity of circumambulation of both the inner and outer worlds. It also informs us that healing, wellness and wholeness are not linear.

The circle is split into two parts and yet it is one whole. To the left is the solar centre of consciousness – the Yang, the masculine with its focus at the orange-red small circle, and to the right is the lunar centre of consciousness – the Yin, the feminine with its focus at the silver white small circle.

Both the solar and lunar consciousness together converge at the centre, which is also connected with the outer circles by two arms – one black and the other white. These inner arms ask us to constantly be in touch with the inner centre as we walk the path of life.

The inner centre comprises of a green oval at the centre. It is the Bindu – the end point and also the starting point. A point is the smallest possible geometrical shape and both the origin and dissolution – whether of the universe or human consciousness.

The green centre oval rests on a circle of mud – formed by intermingling of the black and the white. Mud is the earth, which grounds and helps us stay rooted to our inner growth process. As we stay rooted, the spiritual essence of the work shines forth – represented by the pentagram, the quinta-essence.

And finally, the vast empty space in between is the expanse of the consciousness – the vast unknown – that asks us to stay humble as we work on ourselves.