Category: Reflections

23 May

Introspection and Reflection (Self-Help & Inner-Work)

In the therapy and coaching practice, dreamwork sessions, as well as in self development workshops, my colleague and I often discuss the importance of ‘Introspection & Reflection’ as processes...

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24 Mar

The breath of life

The pandemic  The recent pandemic of the Corona Virus, Covid-19, has sent the world in a tailspin. It has spread rapidly, infected exponentially, and has brought the world to...

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09 Feb

Creativity —  to share or not?

How does one distinguish between creativity that needs exposure and that which needs to be kept veiled? A conversation with a friend triggered this thought. A scientist by profession,...

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01 Jan

Ushering in the ‘new’

Reflecting on the messages pouring in for 2020, the common era (CE) new year, two concurrent thoughts and feelings pulsate within me at the passing of one more CE...

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